Ecobalance balancing powder 7.5 kilograms

Brand: Ecobalance
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The heels are distributed over the tire by centrifugal force as it starts to roll. As the centrifugal force increases, the heavy stain pulls up and down on the suspension, causing the beads to move in the opposite direction of the downward and upward movement through inertia. The beads continue to migrate until the complete wheel assembly is balanced.


Improve fuel economy

A complete wheel construction balanced with EcoBalance will turn with reduced rolling resistance. This reduction in rolling resistance means that less energy is used to move the vehicle on the road, thus improving the vehicle's fuel economy.


Extend the life of the tires

A complete wheel construction balanced with EcoBalance reduces rolling resistance. This, in turn, reduces tire wear. When a tire and complete wheel construction are well balanced, it also produces more even wear, all of which extends the tire life. Longer tire life allows you to use the same tires for longer, ultimately saving you money.


Reduce vibrations

Wheel vibrations can wreak havoc on a vehicle's suspension and steering components. Anything that vibrates, rubs, or bumps into something that will eventually wear out. Once you have fully balanced the wheel construction, with EcoBalance Beads you will find that most of the things attached to it will not wear out nearly as quickly.


Environmentally friendly

EcoBalance beads are made from reusable and recyclable 99.9% tempered glass beads. Our balance beads are installed in the tire where they are not repelled and pollute the environment like lead weights can.


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